Cercle Nautique Honfleur
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Commercial shipping always has priority in the estuary : look-out VHFchannel 73

Navigation between Rouen and Honfleur’s habour

Between Rouen and Honfleur, the maritime domain starts between buoys 27/28 and 29/30 (between the rive La Risle and the Normandy Bridge)

The distance between Rouen and Honfleur is about 112.8km (61 miles). The estimated time required to cover the distance is 12 to 14 hours for sailboats proceeding under power. To take full advantage of the current, you should leave Rouen harbour at least 1.30 hours before the turn of the high road.

It’s strongly advised to make this journey in one go, even if the turn of the tide occurs before reaching Honfleur.


Keep left and do not cut the meanders of the river especially in Quilleboeuf where the rish of grounding is high (see Navicarte). The Seine river is closed to shipping from 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise.

Speed is limited to 15 knots. It’s highly advisable not to sail. Speed must be lowered near the ferries. Merchant ships and feries have absolute priority.


WARNING In this part of the Seine river, mooring on a quay or a berth can be dangerous. The wash of a cargo ship can cause serious damage. 

You should make sur you have enough provisions of food and fuel.


Navigation between Honfleur’s harbour and Rouen

To take full advantage of the tidal currents, you are advised to leave the lock of Honfleur LW-1 (Le Hvare tide times). The estimated time required to cover the 61 miles between Honfleur and Bassin Saint Gervais in Rouen in one go is 10 to 12 hours for a sailboat proceeding under power (Port Office in Rouen – 02 35 52 55 30).

To sail beyong Rouen, you have to unstep the mast (either in Honfleur or in Bassin Saint Gervais).

Speed is then limited to 10 km/h.

Locks are open only between 7:00AM and 7:00PM (locks do not operate on holidays)