Cercle Nautique Honfleur
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Le CNH accueille les plaisanciersLe CNH accueille les plaisanciers

The harbour office  aka CNH (Cercle Nautique Honfleur), is located 8 rue Saint Antoine, a narrow street perpendiculat to the Quai Saint Etienne along « Le Vieux Bassin » and overlooking place Eugène Boudin behind the Town Hall.

Phone number : 02 31 98 87 13 – VHF 17

Mooring fees of 2021 are available here.

The mooring of visiting vessels are available either

  • on the visitor’s pontoon by the public park,
  • in the outer harbour,
  • on the visitor’s pontoon in « le Vieux Bassin

Vessels have to berth alongside other vessels. Please notice that mooring on the catways of « le Vieux Bassin » is stricly restricted to subscribers. Any other berths than those mentioned above are submitted to porth authority. In season, you will be welcomed by a member of the CNH on a small orange motorboat, who will guide you to your mooring.

The schedule of the opening times of the bridges (Lieutenance, Carnot, Est) are available here.

To enter or leave « Le Vieux Bassin », vessels must be on the move and standing off the bridge at least 10 minutes befor the lifting of the bridge. Otherwise the bridge will not be lifted. You must wait for the green light to proceed. Outboundvessels have the pripority. The bridge is lowered when the last vessels has moved in.

006-technologyElectricity : The visitors pontoon by the public park have an electricity sypply of 6 and 16 amps for 220V. Visitors pontoon in « le Vieux Bassin » have an electrecity supply of 16 amps for 220V;


Water : A male adaptor might be necessaray according to terminals. It’s available at the CNH with a deposit of 10 €.

003-canBins: Availabity 10m left from the sanitary facilities for the visitors mooring next to the public park. For visitors mooring in « le Vieux Bassin » bins are located in a storage box painted white on Quai de la Poissonnerie, facing « Rue de la République » (there is no selective sorting).

005-medicalSanitary facilities are available for boaters. Shover blocks are free of charge. Open 24/7. You will need a door code, this is obtainable at CNH after you pay for your berth. They are located closed to the visitor’s pontoon by the public park at the entrance of the carpark on the left. Dishwashing is strictly prohibited.

Informations about the lock SAS-Ecluse are available here

if_Weather_669958 (2)Weather forecast on display at the CNH every morning.

002-gas-stationThe diesel station is located Quai du Transit. It operates 24/7. Credit cards only. The pump is locked, and located on the left of a larger iron curtain. This can be opened thanks to a code available at the CNH.

004-computerWiFi : only available in « Le Vieux Bassin » (login and password upon request at the CNH)

The use of dinghies is prohibited in « le Vieux Bassin ». Access to the harbour implies full acceptance of its rules and regulations.