Cercle Nautique Honfleur
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We would like to thank the pilots for their advice which is important to remind you of, even to those who often navigation in this area, as the approach to Honfleur’s harbour is rather difficult due to traffic, tidal currents and weather conditions.

To access Honfleur’s harbour, you will have to navigate in the path of merchants ships. For their pilots, it’s sometimes hard to know the boater’s intentions.


To avoid any collision:

  • Maintain a proper look-out on the channel 73 (channel 16 is not used on the Seine River)
  • Call « Rouen Port Contrôle » from the bay to Caudebec
  • Give your position on a regular basis
  • Cargo ships have priority even out of the channel


When coming to Honfleur, the requirements of the COLREGS apply, mainly

  • Rule 5 Every vessel shall at all times maintain a proper look-out by sight and hearing.
  • Rule 7 Every vessel shall use all available means appropriate to the prevailing circumstances and conditions to determine if a risk of collision exists. 
  • Rule 8 Any action to avoid a collision shall be decivise, made in ample time and with due regard to the observance of good seamanship.
  • Rule 9 A vessel of less than 20m in length or a sailing vessel shall not impede the passage of a vessel which can safely navigate only within a narrow channel or fairway



If a pilot has a doubt on your manoeuvring, he can contact you :

  • On your VHF channel 73
  • Using sound or light signals : 5 short rapid blast mean : « Please declare your intentions »


See and being seen

Your boat may not be seen from a merchant shop. If you can’t see the bridge of the ship, they won’t see you either. This may be the case :

  • At night (poor lighting, obstructed lighting, bright backgroung)
  • In daylight (fog, blind spot)



The current can reach a speed up to 7 knots. This could result in a potential strong drift, especially at the entrance of Honfleur’s lock :

  • Beware of merchant ships wash
  • Never stay in the way of the merchant ships

To get into or out of Honfleur’s lock :
SAS-Ecluse de Honfleur.
Phone number : 02 31 98 72 82 – VHF 17