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Access to Honfleur harbour

Commercial shipping always has priority in the estuary : look-out VHFchannel 73

Accès au Port de Honfleur

Accès au Port de Honfleur

The river has 2 dikes, one North and one South, made of rocks and marked with poles. You shall stay away from both dikes which are submersible. You shall not go over them. Currents can reach a speed of 7 knots and entail a suction effect near the dikes.  When making your way from the open sea to Honfleur harbour, the channel is marked with buoys numbered 2 to 20 on both sides of the channel.

In order not to impede the commercial shipping, you shall sail north of portside buoys. Those buoys have a draught of 1.70m. You can navigate safely close to them, with no risk of grounding, except for buoy 6 which can ground at LW. You shall then come back into the channel at this point, between buoys 5 and 6. The currents ca be very strong in the Seine river at half-tide, especially at the entrance of the lock. It is highly recommended to cross the channel in front of the lock (buoy 20 and Honfleur Radar), and remain in the channel for the shortest possible time.

When coming to Honfleur, it is advisable to be at the entrance of the channel between LW+1.30 and HW-1. You shall be aware of tidal range, currents and wind conditions at the entrance of the harbour.

When necessary, cross the channel at right angles. You shall never be in the way of a vessel. Any action shall be positive and made in ample time.



From buoys 9 and 10 up to the entrance of Honfleur harbour, dikes can hardly be seen due to the disappearance of many poles.


Refer to the recommendations for pilotage on the Seine river.
Port of Honfleur

Port of Honfleur

Navigation between Honfleur harbour and the open sea

To take advantage of the tidal current, it is recommended to get out of the lock of Honfleur at HW. Free flow between HW-1.30 and HW. (except in case of bad weather or low tidal range).

You shall go down the channel leaving the red buoys on portside, except buoy 6 to leave on starboard (low water level underneath).

Both north and south dikes can hardly be seen due to the disappearance of poles marking them.