Cercle Nautique Honfleur
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Harbour access

Please make note that important works are scheduled on the river. Check also current conditions before sailing towards Honfleur! Trading ships have always the right of way over pleasure boats.

Radar Honfleur supervises the traffic : VHF channel 73

Caution : violent river’s currents at middle tide especially at the entrance of the Honfleur lock.
Beware also heightened north & south dikes lacking many poles! – To reach Honfleur harbour, you must follow the Rouen channel marked out with buoys numbered 2 to 20.

In order to not trouble the traffic, rather navigate to the north of the port buoys when passing big ships. – The river is dyked by rocks in the north & south. Keep off submerged quays materialized by a few poles in the north and south of the channel!

Because of river’s currents it is recommended: • to enter the Rouen channel towards Honfleur between LW +1h.30 and HW – 1h. • to leave Honfleur lock downstream between HW –1h. and LW –1h.30. Rather cross the channel in front of the lock (buoy n°20 – radar tower) in order to stay no longer than necessary in the main channel.

Entry in Honfleur harbour is conditional of acceptance of the harbour’s rules as well as the payment of the harbour tax or fee.

HONFLEUR Lock VHF channel 17 –

Bridge openings are posted at CNH office

Visitors must moor side by side at the visitor’s pontoons

Numbered berths are reserved for local boats

When leaving the harbour, please be fully prepared at least 5 minutes before the bridge is due to open. If late, you might miss the opening!

Vessels leaving the Vieux Bassin have priority and should be allowed to depart before any yacht enters the port; the bridge is lowered immediately following the entrance of the last boat into the port. – The lock works 24 hours a day.

You enter on the hour and you leave at half hours: check VHF channel 17.

CNH dinghy welcomes you and advises for berths: VHF channel 9.

Showers are free for yachtmen & women

Visit CNH offices for more details. Use of outboard and other motors on dinghies are strictly prohibited within the Vieux Bassin.